Ol’ Blue Eyes

It’s often the case that excessively good-looking and successful people are a little resented and disliked. But not Paul Newman, every woman I knew went weak at the thought of him and every man would have given his right nut to be as charming, graceful and cool as him. And who didn’t want to swagger through life with a wise-crack and a twinkle in their eye like a Butch Cassidy or Cool Hand Luke?

He was married to the same woman his whole life, donated millions to charity, and was a bloody great actor to boot (I think The Verdict is his best performance.) In short, the guy was a mensch and he’ll be missed, they’re not making them like him anymore.

His salad dressing was pretty nice too.

Download: Pale Blue Eyes (12″ version) – Paul Quinn and Edwyn Collins (mp3)

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