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This got to number one 20 years ago.

Download: Killer (12″ version) – Adamski (mp3)

Well all know that Seal went on to fame and fortune and supermodels after singing on this, but what happened to Adamski?

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  1. Simon says:

    Damn. 20 years. Way too fast.

  2. The DHW says:

    20 years ago?? Christ! reminds me of World Cup '90, Gazza, Madonna's Vogue and New Order's World in Motion

  3. davy h says:

    Well, according to Wiki

    He is now producing as Adam Sky.

    He currently lives in Spain with his daughters, Bluebell Williams and Ariella.


  4. Duncan says:

    I remember that within a couple of months he was sharing the cover of Smash Hits magazine with Elton John. Surely the ultimate kiss of death that his acid house credibility was never going to recover from.
    I saw him at Glastonbury '90, when his star was still rising post-Killer, but he didn't really have any other great tunes, stage presence and a car number plate stuck to his keyboards didn't really count as a stage show. A couple of years later I saw him in a pub in Islington, looking fairly anonymous.

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