A case of the Mondays

This little blogging hiatus I’m on at the moment was supposed to be so I could get some personal shit done but I’ve been so swamped at work I haven’t had any time to get to what I wanted to get to the past couple of weeks which is very frustrating.

So if you’re as cream-crackered and stressed as I am at the moment you might need a little something to perk you up. You’d have to be dead not to get a jolt from this.

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  1. ally. says:

    cobwebs well and truly blown

  2. Anonymous says:

    Take your time, it's brutal everywhere, thank you for doing what you're doing. I so owe you a beer or whatever your poison. Radio on my commute, hell, i have damn good radio between wfmu 91.1fm & wprb 103.3fm & tons of AM oldies in addition to tom keene on bloomberg, it's damn good, i should have no complaints… to come home to you its like dinners in the oven. Come to Jersey or lemme know where to send your own. Photoalchemy@yahoo.com
    http://lavieenpersimmon.vox.com/ p.s. i ain't true jersey, i'm amish by trade.

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