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I’m 40 years older than I was when it was first on the telly but I still laughed watching this. I think it’s the sound effects, a good boing! always makes me chuckle.

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  1. Erazmus Lint says:

    one of the benefits of living in the US is that the charity shops are flippin HUGE. I bought the Banana splits record for a dollar- and its great!

  2. londonlee says:

    The show isn't available on DVD in the States far as I can tell which is shocking.

  3. Darcy says:

    How I loved this show.

    Size of a….

  4. NigelWyn says:

    I think they're touring this summer, but like most 70s bands on the circuit there are only 2 original members.

  5. Mayor of Simpleton says:

    Hang on the Banana Splits is not available on DVD that is a crime, loved this program way back when, funny how the teletubbies seemed so original and then you see this again and….

  6. Robert says:

    hey Londonlee…not a specific comment about B Splits …but I thought I might come out of the shadows and say many thanks for your blog.
    I have been reading it for years and love all the rteference points and (90%) of your taste in music.
    I am an expatriot Englishman age 48 living near DC now; I think we lived a similar life at a similar time.
    Is Londonlee your gmail account name?


    Morrissey – "the Cure? They re-define the word crap"

  7. londonlee says:

    Hi Robert,

    I don't have a gmail account, my email is lee (at) londonlee dot com

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