While I try and find the time to do some new writing I hope you’ll find this little diversion as interesting as I did. James Cargill of Broadcast talking about English children’s TV shows of the 1970s and how disturbing they often were. I like what he says at the end about preferring to half-remember them rather than knowing the whole thing, I’m not sure I’d really want to see The Owl Service or Children of The Stones again as I might be disappointed and I’d rather remember the effect they had on me as a kid and keep the creepy sights and sounds from them I still have in my head, they’re much more powerful as dream-like fragments.

You silly arse

Another icon from my childhood has passed away: the great Ray Alan.

Something for le weekend

Guitar Heroine

You might think that this picture of my daughter is merely cute but that’s my retirement plan right there. I’m relying on her becoming a rich and famous rock star to support me in my old age.

Download: So You Want to Be (A Rock ‘n’ Roll Star) – Patti Smith (mp3)

I loved this single when it came out in 1979 and it still sounds thumpingly good now, though I think I might have been the only person who bought a copy of it at the time.

PS: In case you’re thinking that I’m turning into some old bore who keeps showing you pictures of his kids don’t worry, my paternity leave ends and I go back to work next week so it won’t be long before the clouds of miserablist gloom descend upon this blog once more.

Tag, you’re it

You may have noticed that I’ve added tags to every post now, all 384 of them going back over three years which took bloody ages but was worth it as the site now has an index of sorts (which you’ll find at the bottom of the column at right) so it will be easier to find the good stuff from back when I actually posted new and interesting writing on this blog. Some of the tags, like Pauline Murray and Phwoooaaaarrr!, should be fairly obvious, but others like Nice Lungs! and The Discount of Our Winter Tents are a little more obscure but I’m sure clever people like you can figure out the theme.

Been wanting to post this track for a while and this seems as good a place as any, some blazingly funky Hip-Hop from 1989.

Download: Know How – Young MC (mp3)

Something for the weekend

A friend of mine was convinced that the “Cy Grant” who voiced Captain Scarlet was actually Cary Grant. While I must admit he did sound a lot like him somehow I doubt it was.

And is it weird that I thought Destiny Angel was really sexy? She was a bloody puppet! I also had a thing for Aqua Marina.

Oops, I did it again

And two days later THIS happened too. What a week!

Download: A Father – Virginia Astley (mp3)

This is from Astley’s second solo album Hope In A Darkened Heart which has been out of print for years, so not only is it lovely it’s quite rare too. Enjoy.

Once more unto the breach

The new baby is due any minute/second/day now so I’ll be vanishing into the New Daddy Twilight Zone which means there won’t be much posting for a while. I know that happens a lot here but this time I have a really good excuse.

Here’s a lovely slice of dusty old Motown to keep you company.

Download: Baby A Go-Go – Barbara McNair (mp3)

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