Something for a week day

Apologies for my absence this week. The usual reasons, you know how it is.

Something for the weekend

A classic TOTP moment, the first time a lot of people had seen body-popping and the moonwalk. Everyone was talking about it in the pub that Friday night, and nearly everyone I knew bought a copy of the Friends album too — and you should if you haven’t.

Lots to enjoy in the audience too, especially the bloke in the blue trousers.

Picture Post

Do you notice what Popeye is punching there? Ouch.

Download: Once I Had a Love — Blondie

This is the original 1975 version of a song you might know by another name.

Goodbye Mister Whippy

According to this article the ice cream van is disappearing from the streets of England, a victim of “health campaigners and local authorities, which have stopped them operating near school gates, or set up ice-cream exclusion zones in shopping streets.” Not living in Blighty anymore I don’t know how true this is but I hate to think so, it’s depressing enough seeing part of your childhood become a relic but even more so when it’s deemed unsuitable or even dangerous by the No Fun Police. Ice-cream exclusion zones? You’d think Mister Whippy was a child molester or something.

I’d never heard this story before though:

In one of those stories told largely for their allegorical content, whipped ice-cream was supposedly invented by Margaret Thatcher when she was a young industrial chemist working for Lyons. She discovered a method of injecting more air into the ice-cream, making it easily freezable as well as using less ingredients. What a wonderful metaphor for the “free” market, getting us to pay for air! But actually Mrs Thatcher was only a junior member of a team that did the initial research on “fat extension”; I’m not sure we can pin Mr Whippy on her.

Great though this would have been if it was true, I’m not sure if I could have dealt with being thankful to Maggie Thatcher for anything.

Download: Ice Cream Man – Tom Waits
Buy: Closing Time (album)

Something for the weekend

I have an old picture of myself in my bedroom from about this time and there are three Pretenders posters on the wall so you could say I was a big fan, of Chrissie especially who looks (and sounds) so sexy in this video I wonder now if three posters was enough, I should have plastered my whole room with her picture. Sigh.

Goodbye Summer

Definite hint of autumn in the air this morning. Personally I’ll be be glad to see the back of summer this year, it was way too hot on too many days, though I probably won’t be thinking that when I’m freezing my balls off in January.

I’m struggling to find the time to write at the moment (and anything that interesting to write about to be honest) so expect lots of videos and quickies for a bit until the muse and the spare time strikes me again.

Pop goes Bergman

In case you’ve been wondering all weekend (I doubt it) this is my favourite ABBA record, the first one that made me think they weren’t just naff Swedes with a flair for catchy pop hooks but were actually capable of real depth and sophistication. The video is probably the greatest thing they ever did too, adding an icy Euro chill to an already sad record that’s almost Bergman-esque.

Something for the weekend

Not my favourite ABBA record by any means but this is, dare I say it, a storming live performance. Make sure you hang around for Frida’s dance routine.

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