Off for the Hols

I’m not all that moved by the blogging spirit at the moment so I might as well shut up shop early for Christmas. I’m not actually going anywhere, for the first time in three years we’re spending Christmas at home which I’m looking forward to big time as I’m in dire need of a break (and some mince pies) without any farting around with traveling. Pity we only get one day off over here in this supposedly Christian country though, weeks and weeks of hype and build-up and — poof! — it’s over in one day and everyone goes back to work on Boxing Day (or they would if it wasn’t on a Sunday this year but you know what I mean.)

But however long it is I hope you and yours have a lovely holiday and I will see you sometime on the other side of it.

You might also enjoy a nice Yuletide tune sung by the Auntie Carols.

Something for the weekend

Lucky double bass.

A different kind of teacher

And then there were the sadistic, bullying PE teachers, I hated those bastards and can’t watch this clip without having some very unpleasant flashbacks: The adolescent circle of hell that was the communal changing room, the teacher checking that you weren’t wearing anything under your shorts (was it only my school that had a rule about underwear at games?), or making you feel like a worthless weakling because you forgot your kit or had a note from your mum excusing you. Did I say I hated those bastards?

New Monday

Just discovered this wonderful song by Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou (via Caught By The River) and when I think that a record as great as this has flown under my radar all year it makes me wonder what other good stuff is out there that I haven’t heard yet. Never stop looking, that’s my motto.

Something for the Weekend

Swoon. Pity it’s so short though.

Watching Dusty I can never quite escape the feeling that my mum is singing to me which, you know, adds a whole other level of meaning to this for me.

La Streisand

Am I alone in thinking that Barbra Streisand was quite sexy in her younger days, big hooter and all? I haven’t done a poll or anything so I have no idea what the general male view is of the subject.

This is from her late-70s “bubble perm” period when I didn’t find her quite as attractive but I do love this record — the entire album is bloody marvelous too.

Download: Guilty – Barbra Streisand (with Barry Gibb) (mp3)

Something for the weekend

BeBop Deluxe! Legs & Co! Jimmy Saville?

If you like these wonderful dancing dolly videos — is the Pope Catholic? Does Judith Chalmers have a passport? — allow me to point you in the direction of the blog One For The Dads. You can thank me later, if you ever return from there that is.

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