Dancing Queen

Another one bites the dust: Pan’s People choreographer Flick Colby has died.

Maybe not one of the “greats” but someone who had a big impact on British pop culture and on every man in the country of a certain age. Even though the routines were sometimes a bit silly, Flick and the girls only had the time between the Tuesday when the new chart came out and the Thursday when TOTP was filmed to pick a song and work out a dance routine so they did a pretty great job considering. She probably didn’t need to work so hard though, most of us would have been happy to have watched them standing there opening tins of baked beans as long as they wiggled a little bit while they were doing it.

Before she went behind the scenes Flick was also a member of Pan’s People herself, she’s the blond wearing the orange hot pants in this routine (I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed typing the words “orange hot pants.”)

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  1. Duncan says:

    When I used to watch TOTP in the late 70’s, I used to be really disappointed when Legs & Co were on. I’d much rather have seen another Madness or Blondie video. But, watching the repeats on BBC4 of TOTP’76 – it’s a relief whenever Ruby Flipper appear, to break up the sonic porridge of brown flairs, beige large collared shirts and cabaret band sounds. The Guardian had a feature this week saying that after watching a whole episode of TOTP’76, he wanted to form Sham ’69 himself.

  2. Mark says:

    Drat, ,drat and double drat. On behalf of me (certainly), and I suspect also my Dad.

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