Hooked On Radiophonics

The great Delia Derbyshire at work. Maybe I’m weird but there’s something vaguely erotic about seeing such a well-spoken young lady playing with heavy audio equipment like this. JG Ballard could write a novel about that.

This is Delia’s most famous production. An obvious choice but it’s still fab. Composer Ron Grainer was so amazed by what Delia had done to his tune he said to her “Did I really write this?” to which she replied “Most of it.”

Download: Dr. Who theme – BBC Radiophonic Workshop (mp3)

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  1. bigstupid says:

    Girls and big-block analog open-reel tape decks– nothing wrong with you on that count! Course if you start up on Leni Riefenstahl with a big camera that puts you into a whole other weird area, so don’t go there…

    What a great clip, thanks. I didn’t realize she’d enhanced Grainer’s theme to that extent. I have one of those original CD releases of his soundtrack for “The Omega Man,” and the unusual effects embedded in that music sound like something he might have learned from Delia earlier.

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