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Surprisingly the most valuable record I own might not be a record at all but a CD.

A few years ago I bought a limited edition reissue of Syreeta’s first two, Stevie Wonder-produced, solo albums on a single CD which is now deleted and currently going on Amazon for $90 to a whopping $220 for a used copy. It’s not enough to retire on but, bugger me, that’s a lot of money for a CD — it would actually be cheaper to buy them both on vinyl.

God knows why both albums are so scarce and Motown hasn’t reissued them properly (especially since Syreeta died in 2004) because, apart from the fact that there’s obviously a market demand, they’re really superb albums, among the best soul records put out in the 1970s with some of Stevie Wonder’s (her husband at the time) most brilliant synth-soul production. I mean, I’m glad to have such a valuable CD but I think I’d prefer Motown to give Syreeta a bit more respect and it to be less rare and expensive. But that’s the kind of guy I am.

Download: I’m Goin’ Left – Syreeta (mp3)
Download: To Know You Is To Love You – Syreeta (mp3)
Download: Your Kiss Is Sweet – Syreeta (mp3)

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