Somethings for Forever

RIP Robert Sherman, the man who wrote the soundtrack of our childhoods.

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  1. Trouble and Strife says:

    Funny how this is now becoming the soundtrack to my adulthood too…and gladly so.

  2. Mark says:

    Great post. Surprised, somewhat, and sorry that it hasn’t evoked more comments.

    Saturday mornings, after being forced to try learn to swim at Reading’s municipal baths (cold, cold). Back home, Mum out, getting a perm (steady on),
    Dad, me and my sister, the Decca “music center”, either Jungle book or Chitty,
    cue “dancing”…i.e. allowed to jump up and down on the settee until mum came home. (Dad too, maybe he first time)
    Thanks for these clips, lovely memories.

  3. londonlee says:

    I know, thought this one would get lots of sentimental comments. Guess we’re all too old and cynical now.

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