Ashes To Ashes

Much as I love records I’m not sure I’d want to be memorialized in this way when I die: Having my ashes pressed into a vinyl record. Seems a bit creepy to me (at least it isn’t a picture disk), and I’d probably end up covered in scratches and filed in the wrong place.

Though I guess you could convert it to an mp3 so your loved ones can carry you around on their iPods.

Download: When I’m Dead And Gone – McGuinness Flint (mp3)

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  1. davyh says:

    I’m going to have nightmares about that now – the being filed in the wrong place bit, at least.

  2. Lynchie from Aberdeen says:

    Then you could have it played at “Death Disco” (Geddit?!?!?!?) (insert suitable emoticon here).

  3. londonlee says:

    Not sure what the one for “groan” is.


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