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Not had anything by Dame David here for a while and this is a corker. This clip from TOTP was thought to have been lost for years, one of the many tapes that the BBC wiped, and hadn’t been seen since it was first broadcast in 1973. Then last year the cameraman came forward with a copy he’d had made at the time, not realizing that it was the only one in existence — “I just couldn’t believe that I was the only one with it. I just thought you wouldn’t be mad enough to wipe a tape like that” he said. Makes you wonder what else has been lost.

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  1. Duncan says:

    I read that the cameraman kept about 100 clips from TOTP, so hopefully there’ll be more great finds

  2. geo says:

    Damn – he was sexy.

    Just a question for my edification – to my untrained eye, that looks like a live performance I was under the impression that TotP was all lip-synchin’ and air guitar … Was this a special performance, or was TotP a live music show in its earlier incarnation?

  3. LondonLee says:

    I think artists had to re-record the songs for TOTP, (some Musician’s Union rule) which might explain why it sounds different. But there was the occasional live performance too.

  4. Duncan says:

    Yes, there was a programme on Bbc4 recently about this. There was a rule that bands either had to rerecord their record or perform live with the Bbc band with the Ladybirds backing singers. Eric ‘monster monster’ Hall was on the programme because prior to becoming a notorious football agent was a publicist at EMI for Queen and the Sex Pistols, he basically said there was no way he was going to tell Freddie Mercury that he had to rerecord their record in an afternoon in front of a union official, so he would send the union guy off to the pub while the band used the studio time to demo a new song.

  5. John sands ender says:

    Heard a great story about Eric Hall , when T Rex performed the song > new York city hall was dressed up (on stage ) in a frogs outfit ! ….. Think there’s a line somewhere about a frog

  6. Frank F says:

    I’ve just read “Starman” – the “definitive biography” – by Paul Trynka. Highly recommended, insightful and left me with a deeper respect for the grand Dame.

  7. Allen B says:

    This performance is definitely live -there are mics in front of the drums and the amps, no guitar overdubs, and Trevor Bolder makes a mistake during the rave-up. I remember a few live performances on TOTP in the early 70s – Stevie Wonder doing “Living For The City” among them, and Peter Skellern doing “You’re A Lady”…

  8. Johnny Rooke says:

    I remember reading somewhere that there was an unofficial arrangement on TOTP that the rerecorded song tape would be mysteriously swapped for the original recording. I also remember seeing this as a young fan and being disappointed that it wasn’t like the record! Now I find Bowie’s mouth harp playing rathe attractive…

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