Something for The Weekend

This record still transports me to heaven whenever I hear it. Listening to it is like soaring on wings of bliss.

Wednesday Funny

Yes, it’s Valerie Leon again. As someone commented last time she does seem to crop us here a fair bit, usually in short videos or the occasional picture which is a bit like her career really — lots of quick guest appearances (as the anonymous “crumpet” usually) and very few bigger roles. I should give her a post of her own one of these days.

Afraid I’m being a bit of a lazy bones on the writing front at the moment, can’t seem to summon up the energy to finish anything long off. Plus I’ve actually been busy on the freelancing front and am about to get even busier — which is good! Money!

Ready for her close up

I’ve been on a lot of photo shoots and they’re usually very enjoyable, but it can also be bloody hard work getting the shot right. Never done anything like these though, the last model I shot was a bloke. Sigh.

Download: Editions of You – Roxy Music (mp3)

New Monday

I must say 2012 is shaping up top be a very good year for new music and here’s another good ‘un. This is gorgeous, summery pop by Woods who are from Brooklyn but sound like they’re from the other coast.

Something for the Weekend

I remember watching this concert when it was first shown on Rock Goes To College back in 1980 and thought it was one of the best gigs they ever had on that series.

The Fruitiest Sweet

I loved Spangles when I was a kid, never had that effect on me.

Download: Toot Sweets – Dick Van Dyke & Sally Ann Howes (mp3)

New Monday

I am currently very much digging the swirly psychedelia of Melody’s Echo Chamber.

Something for the Weekend

Bloody marvelous, Susan and Joanne look lovely too. Of the two I think I preferred Joanne’s stiff “bored suburban girl at a disco” dance moves to Susan’s more flamboyant gestures.

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