Nice Chopper

Yeah, alright, it was a rubbish bike, but the chicks dug it.

Download: Ride My Wheels – T. Rex (mp3)

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  1. drew says:

    On R4 last night Paul Weller said that his wife had bought him a Chooper a couple of years back but he hasn’t been out on it yet.

  2. Lynchie from Aberdeen says:

    Is that a dirty old man in the last photo?

  3. Simon says:

    Haven’t we had a post about bikes? I had a secondhand Tomahawk, wanted a Chopper, but mum couldn’t afford it. I loved my Tomahawk though. I have no memory of where it went when I got too big mind, dunno if it was thrown or went to somebody else or what? I used to pretend it was an x-wing fighter. Used to go riding on it for hours and miles.

    The blonde in the first pic, who is she ? Is she the Swedish actress who did lots of Hammer films?

  4. Simon says:

    Oh yeah. We did. Missed the link. And this year too. Getting old. I even commented. Heh.

  5. Duncan says:

    Does anyone remember ‘Whizz Wheels’, a comic strip in Whizzer & Chips comic? A boy super-cyclist who solved crime while riding his Chopper bike! It was genius! (Until 2000ad comic came along)

  6. Mondo says:

    I always loved Raleigh Choppers – they were the Capris of bicycles. The purple would have been my one of choice, but my parents couldn’t afford it, so had a purple clone version (Edwards)

    And yes, remember Whiz Wheels – wasn’t he pictured a’pedalling on a tightrope or somesuch?

  7. LondonLee says:

    Simon, the young lady in the first pic is Yutte Stensgaard who I had never heard of but, according to the Googles, was indeed in some Hammer films.

    Yes, I know, another Chopper post. I’m in repeats at the moment.

  8. Big Stupid says:

    Lynchie from Aberdeen says: November 20th, 2012 at 6:34 pm
    “Is that a dirty old man in the last photo?”

    Was there a man in that last photo? Somehow I didn’t notice anything in the background.

  9. Simon says:

    Ah she’s Danish, not Swedish. I love my Hammer films, always did. And as you can see, she’s quite memorable! Who are the other two on the bikes? They look familiar too.

  10. Dirk says:

    I clearly prefer the last pic ‘cos of the nice pair of big horns!

  11. LondonLee says:

    The girl in the last pic is Annie Walker, obviously not the one from the Rovers Return.

    Not sure about the other one, or the weird “bike phone” gizmo she’s using.

  12. LondonLee says:

    I do recognize Kensington High Street behind her though. That’s Olympia on the right.

  13. pilgrimtraveller says:

    Sorry to go off message (ie not commenting on bike or girl) but that’s the first time I’ve heard that T Rex track (I’m in my 50s) and it’s marvellous. Found out it was released not long before Bolan died, which makes it even more tragic as it sounds like he found a new musical direction.

  14. Stuart says:

    Amazingly all three locations look very similar today:

    Ist photo – Westminster Bridge

    2nd Photo -Kensington Hig St/Olympia Way

    3rd Photo – 3 Nottingham Place, Marylebone

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