The Tribes of Britain

Download: We’re So Cool – Au Pairs (mp3)

Download: This Boy – The Beatles (mp3)

Download: Angel Face – The Glitter Band (mp3)

Download: Lipstick – Buzzcocks (mp3)

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  1. Duncan says:

    I always wanted to be in a band so that I could record a medley of Lipstick (Buzzcocks) and Shot by both Sides (Magazine), because they share the same Pete Shelley riff. I still reckon it would sound great

  2. Artog says:

    To my surprise I find myself thinking the New Romantic couple look the coolest out of that lot. Closely followed by the Teds. Matey with the badges looks a right prick though. What would he have been listening to? Bros?

  3. LondonLee says:

    No, he’s a Northern Soul boy.

  4. Artog says:

    Oh, I’m more used to seeing them in those whopping great flares and vest tops.

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