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Download: Closest Thing To Heaven (12″ version) – The Kane Gang (mp3)

Remember that period in the mid-80s when lots of white British acts were trying to sound all retro soulful? Adding black backing singers and horn sections to their records, name-dropping Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield, talking about passion all the time. Was that Paul Weller’s fault? Or the Levi’s 501 adverts?

Whoever started it, this was one of the best records to come out of that phase.

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  1. Grahame says:

    Sounds like the whole track bar the drums was created with a DX-7.

    Those were the days…

  2. I’ve never forgiven them for doing the “Ooh Gary Davies” thing.

  3. Pete Dossett says:

    I was partial to their “Gun Law” in ’85. Good chewn…

  4. Marktech says:

    Agreed, it’s a good tune, and the synth sound really brings that time back – but my main reaction is still “Mmmmm… Kathleen Byron…”

  5. LondonLee says:

    Glad you liked the pic. Always looking for an excuse to use a still from a Powell/Pressburger movie, especially if it includes her.

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