Nice Chopper

If you were a kid living in miserable, drab 1970s England a Chopper bike added a dash of bright, pop-coloured glamour to your life. Sat on one of those a boy suddenly became Easy Rider or a Hell’s Angel, and the dingy road he lived on was transformed into a California freeway where the sun always shined and the girls had tans and great teeth.

Download: Whizz Kids – The Undertones (mp3)

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  1. Duncan says:

    I’m sure this is about the 3rd time you’ve mentioned Chopper bikes, because everytime you do, I always say does anyone remember ‘Whizz Wheels’ – the Chopper riding crime solving kid in Whizzer and Chips comic?

  2. My mate had a Chopper, another had a Grifter. I had a 10 speed racer… Would let any of us have a go on the Chopper or give us a backy.

  3. Roberto Mancini says:

    I like the picture capturing another trend of the times, the scarf tied on the wrist (to prevent theft,
    as scarfs of opposing football fans became trophies)

  4. paul says:

    Ah….Such fond memories, my best mate and I both had purple choppers which we woulod tear-arse round the local area feeling cooler than a cold cresta from the fridge !

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