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Why punk happened, reason number 37.

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  1. Pete Dossett says:

    No worse than Johnathan King singing Una Paloma Blanca! Personally I was always under the impression that The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac were the reason that Punk had to happen…

  2. John sands ender says:

    Totally agree with pete Dossett, Eagles and the dreadful Fleetwood Mac, were the reason punk happened.

  3. Pete Dossett says:

    Thanks John…I used to tape the Year in Rock series on Radio One (anyone remember that?) For the year of 1976 they cleverly juxtaposed the Eagles dirge “Take it to the Limit” with a Pistols interview by Richard Skinner on Newsbeat…then straight into “Anarchy…” bloody breath-taking it was!

  4. londonlee says:

    I did say it was reason number 37. There were lots of reasons.

  5. Pete Dossett says:

    Too true Lee!

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