It’s Glam Oop North

There’s an exhibition on at the Tate Liverpool at the moment called Glam! The Performance of Style which looks interesting. Part of the show is a 1977 documentary called Roxette about young Roxy Music fans in Manchester getting dressed up to go see the band live. The whole movie is 30 minutes long and looks utterly fab judging by this short clip which makes me really want to see the entire thing (wish they’d used a different song though, don’t they know I posted “Beauty Queen” just last week!) I’d love to make it to Liverpool to see the show too but doubt if that’s on the cards.

Some pics from the exhibition here.

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  1. Blue Manc says:

    used to go to a club called PIP’S on fennel st in manchester in the mid seventies,they had a Roxy rm along with other genres and you have never seen so many Bryan Ferrys in one place and with the girls to go with it,exellent times,i have no doubt that the girls featured in the video would have gone there.

  2. londonlee says:

    Great stuff

  3. Blue Manc says:

    Well that was a nice suprise,thanks Captain.

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