Not a lot of people know that

I was watching Get Carter the other night and got to wondering what happened to the actress Geraldine Moffat (her in the knickers above) who played the gangster’s floozy Glenda. When I was a kid my mum had a paperback of the novel it was based on which had a film still of a naked Moffat on the back that really, er, grabbed my attention as that sort of thing does at a tender age, so my memory had a bit of previous with her.

She only made a handful of films and did some telly like Coronation Street and The Sweeney, then got married and had two boys who grew up to found the videogame company that created Grand Theft Auto (and apparently she appears in version 5 of the game) — which all seems very appropriate considering her character in the film takes Michael Caine for a wild drive in a Sunbeam Alpine and comes to a watery end in its boot.

Get Carter is a great film of course and it also has a great soundtrack: Classic 70s crime-film music, all funky bongos, bass, and organ, with a cold-as-ice harpsichord.

Download: Get Carter – Roy Budd (mp3)

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  1. Andy Durrant says:

    Her episode of Out Of The Unknown – “The Little Black Bag” – is worth a look, too

  2. juls says:

    Sometimes its pretty hard to look at how cool Michael Caine is versus how daft some of the movies he’s starred in. It will be interesting if you can do a comparison chart:

    Cool Not Cool
    Get Carter Jaws:The Revenge(!)
    Ipcress File
    Italian Job

  3. Londonlee says:

    Sadly he’s done a lot more ‘Not Cool’ movies than that (eg The Swarm) and he was even in the shitty Stallone remake of Get Carter

  4. Luca says:

    Spent the last three minutes looking at the photo and haven’t really noticed Michael Caine’s presence in it. Being mesmerized by the lady’s navel cleverly not hidden but barely just that.
    Top tune too.

  5. Jack Torcello says:

    I remember an anecdote from the filming of Zulu – recently I worked with a young, South African receptionist – she said her parents has the nearest phone to the set of Zulu, and that between takes, Michael Caine would walk across to the farm and ask to use the phone to phone his friends in London. Well, to cut a long story story short, this young lady’s parents soon asked Caine to leave as he spent so much time on the phone!!! Not a lot of people know that…

  6. When asked a question referring to the ‘quality’ of Jaws: The Revenge, and why he would do stuff like that, Caine said “I have not seen Jaws: The Revenge. But I have seen the house that it built, and it’s very nice.”

  7. Con: “Come on Jack, put it away. You know you’re not going to use it.”

    Peter: “The gun he means!”

    Boom boom.

  8. SJ says:

    Hello – you’ll be pleased to know that the lovely Geraldine is alive and well and living happily in SW London with her husband, Walter. I know them both well. Their sons are Sam and Dan are founders of Rockstar Games. And yes, she still looks great!

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  10. Terry says:

    Is it true she was orphaned at a young age, maybe Dad killed in the war?

  11. Terry says:

    Is Geraldine her real name?

  12. Jane says:

    She was also the insperation of Trevor Phillips mum Betty. They did it as a tribute to Geraldine.

  13. Jane says:

    Just looked it up Geraldine also voiced Betty Philips in gta v. Nice one boys.

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