You Wear It Well

If you like my “Tribes of Britain” posts then you’ll really like the wonderful blog What We Wore which also chronicles British youth style but also has stories from the people in the photos so it’s far more interesting.

You may think this is just a funny song about some bloke buying a new suit but it’s actually one of the most subversive singles of the 1950s: a devastating critique of materialist desire, capitalism, and how the working classes try to achieve status through their clothing. Really.

Download: Shopping For Clothes — The Coasters (mp3)

Home taping is killing music

And has been since the 1950s apparently. That damn music is taking a long time to die.

Download: C30 C60 C90 Go – Bow Wow Wow (mp3)

You’re my guitar hero

Can’t quite believe that Hank Marvin was ever a teen pin-up, but apparently ’twas so. But that’s why boys start rock bands, isn’t it? They know that even the dorkiest kid can do well with the girls if he’s in a band.

Though I would imagine that these days a young man would probably choose computers or video games as his route to fame, fortune, and groupies.

Download: Man of Mystery – The Shadows (mp3)

Something for the weekend

I was feeling a bit Hank Marvin.

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