A Wizzard, A True Star

The first single I ever bought was by Wizzard (the Christmas one) and I had no idea who Roy Wood was at the time. He was just the strange bloke with crazy hair and makeup on Top of The Pops. He looked like a wizard so the band name was appropriate.

Of course I know now that Roy had previously been the founder and main creative force behind The Move and the Electric Light Orchestra and was something of a pop genius. But you never forget your first love, so the honking, Spector-ish Glam Rock of those Wizzard singles is my favourite thing he’s done. This was their first single in 1972 and it still sounds bloody bonkers and marvelous.

Download: Ball Park Incident – Wizzard (mp3)

Games Boozers Play

Who cares that England never qualified for a World Cup in the 1970s when we had Indoor League on the telly to show off our world-beating skill at pub sports? I bet the Germans were rubbish at Skittles.

Televised Shove Ha’Penny sounds like a Monty Python sketch — and looks like one too — but this was real and actually on our televisions in the 1970s. If you’re desperate to see that exciting Shove Ha’Penny final it starts around 3:25.

Download: Spiel Ohne Grenzen – Peter Gabriel (mp3)

Something for the Weekend

Early footage of Neil Tennant before he cut his hair, got into synthesizers, and changed his name.

Picture Post

Yob: /yäb/ noun, British Slang.
A teenage lout or hooligan.
Origin of yob: 1855-1860; a consciously reversed form of “Boy”

Super Yob: Dave Hill of Slade

Download: Take Me Bak ‘ome – Slade (mp3)

Lucky Dip

I’m no expert on the oeuvre of Cheap Trick but I do remember their 1979 album Dream Police being poo-pooed by some critics because of its big production and strings which made them sound like a Power-Pop ELO. Now I don’t know about you, but the idea of a “Power-Pop ELO” sounds great to me, and I’ve always loved every bombastic second of this record.

Download: Dream Police – Cheap Trick (mp3)

Something for the Weekend

This is like an erotic Laura Ashley catalogue.

Something for the Weekend

Another surprising bit of trivia I just discovered is that Marc Bolan plays guitar on the studio version of this.

I always loved this big riff monster. ELO were heavier in their early days. They also wore more capes.

We Are The Teds

“Teds live for today”

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