Junior Choice

Oof. This one’s a bit heavy.

Download: The Chase – Propaganda (mp3)

Cat People

What is it with the internet and kittens? More of these at The Kitten Covers.

Download: Animal Crazy – Pauline Murray & The Invisible Girls (mp3)

Junior Choice

Been a long time since we had any Pauline Murray here so I was very happy when he pulled this one out.

Download: Life’s A Gamble – Penetration (mp3)

Junior Choice

What with Bowie, The Associates and now Robert Fripp he does seem to have a taste for my more avant garde records.

I was never all that keen on Fripp’s Exposure album which I think I only bought (and kept) because I liked the cover. But it does have some nice moments on it like this which I think is better than the version on Gabriel’s first solo album (and has Brian Eno playing synth on it to boot).

Download: Here Comes The Flood – Robert Fripp and Peter Gabriel (mp3)

Junior Choice

He got the hang of this pretty quick, I actually had to stop him pulling too many albums out.

That’s my boy.

Download: What In The World – David Bowie (mp3)

The Tale of Little Ted & Doggie

My mother either threw or gave away nearly every toy I ever owned. All my games, piles of Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars, my (talking!) Action Man and his extensive wardrobe of uniforms, plus all my Thunderbirds rockets and Captain Scarlet vehicles, my Batmobile, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car, and Yellow Submarine, all of which would probably make me enough money to retire on if I still had them.

The only survivors of this ruthless cull are my teddy bear Little Ted and a dog called Doggie (no points for originality there). Little Ted got his name because my sister had a larger teddy bear called Big Ted, though I assume they were both named around the same time because neither of their names would make much sense without the other one, would they? Little Ted is a polar bear and I got him because of Pipaluk, the baby polar bear born at London Zoo in 1967 who caused a bit of a craze among kids at the time and joined the ranks of other celebrity animals at the zoo like Guy The Gorilla and Chi Chi the Panda. Apart from Little Ted I distinctly remember having a Pipaluk badge which I got at the zoo when we went to see him.

40 years later the two of them are sitting on the bookshelf in my living room, a bit ragged and beaten-up (all those fights with Big Ted probably) and probably worth less than one wheel off an old Batmobile, but I obviously didn’t keep hold of them for investment purposes. They’ve survived all this time and escaped my mother’s chucking-out purges because like most little kids I was attached to them in a way that I never was with a toy car — you can’t cuddle up and go to sleep with a Hot Wheels can you? They’re major characters in my childhood and I bet I’m not the only grown man who still has his teddy bear. Not that I still sleep with him or anything.

Download: I’m Your Toy (live) – Elvis Costello (mp3)

Junior Choice

My daughter doesn’t want to help me pick records for the blog anymore so I’ve tried to rope my son into doing it. But being a baby he needs a fair amount of coaxing and is easily distracted. He was about to pull out The Associates’ Fourth Drawer Down album, when…

…oh look, a toy car!

I’m sure he’ll get better with practice.

Download: Q Quarters – The Associates (mp3)

Guitar Heroine

You might think that this picture of my daughter is merely cute but that’s my retirement plan right there. I’m relying on her becoming a rich and famous rock star to support me in my old age.

Download: So You Want to Be (A Rock ‘n’ Roll Star) – Patti Smith (mp3)

I loved this single when it came out in 1979 and it still sounds thumpingly good now, though I think I might have been the only person who bought a copy of it at the time.

PS: In case you’re thinking that I’m turning into some old bore who keeps showing you pictures of his kids don’t worry, my paternity leave ends and I go back to work next week so it won’t be long before the clouds of miserablist gloom descend upon this blog once more.



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