Something for The Weekend

A David Bowie clip is twice as cool when it involves Luther Vandross (he’s the far left backing singer).

Something for the Weekend

Cher, Bing Crosby, Queen, Lulu. David Bowie could sing duets and make records with anyone yet still keep his artistic credibility. Truly, the man’s coolness is bulletproof.

BONUS: There’s something truly surreal about seeing Bowie on American light entertainment television. Here he is bringing da funk — and some cool dance moves — to Dinah Shore.

Ready for his close-up

Bowie might not be as sexy as Marilyn Cole or Jerry Hall (if you’re a bloke, anyway) but his sleeves are just as iconic as Roxy’s. More, I’d say.

Download: Andy Warhol (live) – David Bowie (mp3)
Buy: Live Santa Monica 72 (album)

Junior Choice

Valuable though it might be, this is one time I’m grateful I don’t have the original version of this sleeve with Bowie displaying his doggie family jewels.

Download: Sweet Thing – David Bowie (mp3)

And the winner is…

Well done, Peter. Made me laugh.

Download: Win – David Bowie (mp3)

Caption Competition

In honour of Mr. Bowie’s return I thought you could have some fun with this one.

We’ll Always Have Paris

A while ago I started writing a post about the “retirement” of David Bowie who, since his heart attack in 2004, seemed to have given up the rocking and rolling and was content to live the quiet domestic life in New York – painting, reading, and picking his kid up from school. I thought of him as the stranded alien Thomas Jerome Newton in The Man Who Fell To Earth who has wearily “had enough” at the end and lives in anonymous seclusion.

Like 99% of the posts I start writing it never got finished, but the point I was going to make was that I was happy for Bowie that he’d retired, and personally didn’t care much if he never made another record because, you know, we’ll always have Paris. He made enough great records and left me with enough good memories that his reputation was golden for the rest of his life, no matter how many average late-career records he made that I didn’t want to buy.

But I suppose he must have had a creative itch he needed to scratch because he’s gone and made another one after a 10-year silence which raises the hype and expectation way higher than it was for Reality or Heathen and all those other albums of his I was never arsed enough about to actually buy (along with everybody else). He’s risking a lot with The Next Day because people are paying attention this time and he could have very publicly fallen flat on his geriatric rocker face with it, but — phew! — it’s actually a very good album. Not Hunky Dory or Low good of course, but almost Lodger or Scary Monsters good. Pulling off this surprise this might be Bowie’s most audacious move in a career that’s been full of them.

Now if only Paul McCartney would bugger off for 10 years.

Download: Valentine’s Day – David Bowie (mp3)

Something for the Weekend

I adore David Bowie when he lets his inner art-school boy run wild and gives us brilliant WTF moments like this.

This rare clip is from 1979 and features our Dave with Klaus Nomi on backing vocals and Jimmy Destri of Blondie on keyboards. Fabulous stuff.

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