Something for the Weekend

The real pleasure in this clip isn’t Dave Edmunds (who looks half-asleep or stoned) but the audience, especially the odd fellow at the back who I assume must be the host of the show.

In The Navy

One of the many reasons why it was so great being a boy in the 1970s: 20-foot high billboards of Caroline Munro in a wet suit plastered everywhere.

Mott the Hoople are rightly famous for being one of the best rocking bands of their era, but they also did some lovely ballads like this one. I actually think Ian Hunter’s voice is more suited to slow, melancholy songs.

Download: Sea Diver – Mott The Hoople (mp3)

Something for the Weekend

“Peter Marinello has just been signed to Arsenal for the fantastic fee of £100,000!” Sadly Peter has fallen far from the glamour of giving out prizes to dolly birds on TOTP.

This clip is just great from start to finish. With the goofy charm of Tony Blackburn, the summery pop stylings of Edison Lighthouse, and the groovy dancing dollies during the credits, the TOTP studio looks like the happiest place on earth.

Picture Post

The Bunnies From Britain leave London Airport in 1966 for Playboy HQ in Chicago. No word on whether Hugh Hefner released them from captivity.

Download: U.K. Girls (Physical) – Goldfrapp (mp3)

Something for the Weekend

Who needs Pan’s People when you have the massed ranks of the TOTP audience dollies to dance for you.

We’re with the band

I hope this ad didn’t intend to portray the rock and roll life as a glamourous one, because if it did it failed miserably.

Just the other week I was saying that boys start rock bands so they can attract more girls. I guess they can’t all be Jerry Hall.

Download: Saturday Gigs – Mott The Hoople (mp3)

Dear Titbits…

I wonder what “finding consolation in pin-ups” means.

Download: We Could Send Letters – Aztec Camera (original single version) (mp3)

Nice Chopper Moulton

I never realized the Moulton bike was such a cult icon, there’s even one at the Museum of Modern of Art in New York.

Download: Bike – Pink Floyd (mp3)

Is that Hammersmith Odeon behind them?

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