Something for the Weekend

Stop it 2016, just stop it.

What a fantastic band EW&F were, if you’ve never gone beyond the singles and tried any of their 70s albums I recommend you do so.

Something for the Weekend

Dennis Edwards: Magnificent bastard.

Something for the Weekend

How great were Lady Miss Kier and Deee-Lite? Really bloody great, that’s what.

These are the breaks

The “Funky Drummer” drum break has been sampled more times than you and me have had hot dinners. Though it was more ubiquitous in hip-hop than a tracksuit and trainers its shuffling beat was also sampled to more mellow and trippy effect in records by George Michael, The Family Stand and, er, Candy Flip which were a reflection of the more chilled-out direction club music was going in post-Acid House.

My favourite such usage was on the gorgeous “I Don’t Even Know If I Should Call You Baby” by Soul Family Sensation from 1990. How such a sublime record was never a hit is beyond me but, despite several remixes (including one by Marshall Jefferson), it never made the charts and lead singer Jhelisa Anderson left the band for a solo career after their first album New Wave — which is well worth a listen too. I think maybe they were a little ahead of their time, making soulful Electronica before Trip-Hop was really a thing. Another few years and they could have been Morcheeba or something.

Download: I Don’t Even Know If I Should Call You Baby (Original 12″ version) – Soul Family Sensation (mp3)

Something for the Weekend

I was in the mood for more Deee-lite so why the hell not. I know this is a blindingly obvious choice but it’s a terrific performance (Bootsy Collins on bass!) and there’s Lady Miss Kier wearing what she’s wearing.

Tag, you’re it

You may have noticed that I’ve added tags to every post now, all 384 of them going back over three years which took bloody ages but was worth it as the site now has an index of sorts (which you’ll find at the bottom of the column at right) so it will be easier to find the good stuff from back when I actually posted new and interesting writing on this blog. Some of the tags, like Pauline Murray and Phwoooaaaarrr!, should be fairly obvious, but others like Nice Lungs! and The Discount of Our Winter Tents are a little more obscure but I’m sure clever people like you can figure out the theme.

Been wanting to post this track for a while and this seems as good a place as any, some blazingly funky Hip-Hop from 1989.

Download: Know How – Young MC (mp3)

I have two twelve inches

Lucky me! A pair of Acid Jazz beauties that take me back to clubbing in London in the early 90s before I split the scene for America. One of these you’ll probably know, the other is a bit more obscure but another belter (and produced by Mick Talbot).

Download: Apparently Nothin’ – Young Disciples (mp3)
Download: Jus’ Reach – Galliano (mp3)

Run DMC said a DJ could be a band

(A little footnote to the previous post.)

For all the ink spent writing about the importance of punk and post-punk, the sounds coming out of Harlem and the Bronx in the early 80s were even more revolutionary and, given how pop music has evolved since, more influential too. Punk liked to proclaim that you didn’t need to know how to play an instrument to make a record, but hip-hop said that you didn’t need instruments at all. As the song said all you needed were two turntables and a microphone.

For several years it was thrilling music but I lost interest in hip-hop by the beginning of the 1990s as I suspect a lot of (white?) people my age did too. I’m not entirely sure why, unlike punk hip-hop never died or went underground but took over the entire planet so maybe the “novelty” wore off and the initial burst of creativity stagnated into cliched sounds and poses. I’m sure there are still great hip-hop records being made but at some point my ears drew a line and said “that’s enough for me, I’ll just stick with the records I’ve already got thanks very much.”

Like these old favourites which still sound fantastic.

Download: The Godfather – Spoonie Gee (mp3)
Download: Rebel Without A Pause – Public Enemy (mp3)
Download: I Know You Got Soul – Eric B and Rakim (mp3)

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