Commercial Break

The “it” in this case must mean abducting a girl in broad daylight on a busy city street. I guess having a fast car would make that a lot easier.

Download: Cartrouble – Adam & The Ants (mp3)

Thursday Night Fever

This clip goes so far beyond so-bad-it’s-good territory it enters new dimensions of kitsch that are beyond human comprehension.

Home taping is killing music

And has been since the 1950s apparently. That damn music is taking a long time to die.

Download: C30 C60 C90 Go – Bow Wow Wow (mp3)

And the winner is…

I very nearly went with Richard’s “Better lose the flip-flops, Paul, or nobody will know that you’re dead” because I always like a good obscure music-geek joke, but Lynchie won out in the end.

Caption Competition

Hopefully you can have some fun with this one. The best caption will win the prize of being the wittiest person on the internet. At least for a day.

Download: Something (Demo, Take One) – The Beatles (mp3)

Commercial Break

I don’t like advertising so it takes a lot for me to grudgingly admit when they’re actually good, funny even, and this was brilliant. The Desmond Dekker one was good too.

I have no bloody idea what Richard Jobson is singing about either.

We’re with the band

I hope this ad didn’t intend to portray the rock and roll life as a glamourous one, because if it did it failed miserably.

Just the other week I was saying that boys start rock bands so they can attract more girls. I guess they can’t all be Jerry Hall.

Download: Saturday Gigs – Mott The Hoople (mp3)

Something for the Weekend

I’ve long thought this was one of those pop songs that were secretly about drugs but apparently it isn’t. Shame.



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