The People’s Poet is Dead

One night in the early 1980s I was having dinner in a restaurant with my Dad when the actor Brian Glover walked in and, being a friend of my old man’s (he played God in the National Theatre production The Mysteries) he joined us at our table.

Glover had recently played a small part in An American Werewolf in London with the late, great Rik Mayall and the conversation turned to The Young Ones which was on TV at the time. Brian asked me, as the official spokesperson for young people I suppose, what I thought of it. Trying to convey just how popular and important the show was to us “kids” I compared it to Top of The Pops because the day after it was on everybody was talking about it at school or in the pub with the same sort of “Did you see THAT?” excitement. Having just started art school I knew real-life versions of Rick, Neil, Mike, and Vyvyan.

The Young Ones was the television equivalent of The Ramones’ first album — an anarchic, out-of-control cartoon — and Mayall was a key part of the British “alternative” comedy generation that did to the bland, golf-playing, Tory-voting comedians on TV what punk had done to dinosaur rock bands: made them look irrelevant, dull, and reactionary. Because of that he will always be cherished by people my age, he gave us comedy that belonged to us.

But he won’t just be remembered for Rick, but also for characters like Kevin Turvey, Jeremy the Beatnik, and of course Lord Flashheart. It takes some genius to completely steal an episode of Blackadder from Rowan Atkinson. This still makes me wet myself.

Commercial Break

The “it” in this case must mean abducting a girl in broad daylight on a busy city street. I guess having a fast car would make that a lot easier.

Download: Cartrouble – Adam & The Ants (mp3)

Thursday Night Fever

This clip goes so far beyond so-bad-it’s-good territory it enters new dimensions of kitsch that are beyond human comprehension.

Home taping is killing music

And has been since the 1950s apparently. That damn music is taking a long time to die.

Download: C30 C60 C90 Go – Bow Wow Wow (mp3)

And the winner is…

I very nearly went with Richard’s “Better lose the flip-flops, Paul, or nobody will know that you’re dead” because I always like a good obscure music-geek joke, but Lynchie won out in the end.

Caption Competition

Hopefully you can have some fun with this one. The best caption will win the prize of being the wittiest person on the internet. At least for a day.

Download: Something (Demo, Take One) – The Beatles (mp3)

Commercial Break

I don’t like advertising so it takes a lot for me to grudgingly admit when they’re actually good, funny even, and this was brilliant. The Desmond Dekker one was good too.

I have no bloody idea what Richard Jobson is singing about either.

We’re with the band

I hope this ad didn’t intend to portray the rock and roll life as a glamourous one, because if it did it failed miserably.

Just the other week I was saying that boys start rock bands so they can attract more girls. I guess they can’t all be Jerry Hall.

Download: Saturday Gigs – Mott The Hoople (mp3)

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