In The Pink

I came across this picture online and had to Google “Joanna Lumley + Pink Panther” to discover why she was dressed like that. Turns out she was in Curse of the Pink Panther, one of the misguided ones they made after Peter Sellers died. I haven’t seen it but I imagine it’s terrible. It did give us that picture though.

Some other blogs would have been happy to post “Pretty In Pink” to go with this but not me. I give you a Mud record that isn’t “Tiger Feet” because that’s how I roll.

Download: The Cat Crept In – Mud (mp3)

Something for the Weekend

I had a mate at school who was an absolute Slade fanatic and claimed to have seen Flame 13 times. He used to tell me what a great (and loud) live band they were and watching this I believe him.


Some new t-shirts on sale. Couldn’t decide between “Glam” Bowie or “Low” Bowie so I went with all of them. I started working on a Bowie design last year so there was going to be one this Spring anyway, I just wish they hadn’t ended up being posthumous.

As usual they’re only $14 for a limited time so buy one now, or two!

If you’ve never heard this version before you should lend it an ear, it’s very different.

Download: Rebel Rebel (US single version) – David Bowie (mp3)

I See Dead People

Without wanting this blog to turn into LondonLee’s Book of The Dead I should mark the passing of Mott The Hoople drummer Dale Griffin. I posted this marvelous clip many years ago but it’s one of my all-time favourite Top of The Pops performances and well worth a replay.

As we all know Glenn Frey popped his clogs too. I know we’re supposed to hate The Eagles but they did have some good moments like this one. It sounds even better when you don’t have to look at them.

A Wizzard, A True Star

The first single I ever bought was by Wizzard (the Christmas one) and I had no idea who Roy Wood was at the time. He was just the strange bloke with crazy hair and makeup on Top of The Pops. He looked like a wizard so the band name was appropriate.

Of course I know now that Roy had previously been the founder and main creative force behind The Move and the Electric Light Orchestra and was something of a pop genius. But you never forget your first love, so the honking, Spector-ish Glam Rock of those Wizzard singles is my favourite thing he’s done. This was their first single in 1972 and it still sounds bloody bonkers and marvelous.

Download: Ball Park Incident – Wizzard (mp3)

Picture Post

Yob: /yäb/ noun, British Slang.
A teenage lout or hooligan.
Origin of yob: 1855-1860; a consciously reversed form of “Boy”

Super Yob: Dave Hill of Slade

Download: Take Me Bak ‘ome – Slade (mp3)

B-Side Beauty

“The Staircase (Mystery)” was The Banshees’ 1979 follow-up to their classic debut single “Hong Kong Garden” and I’ve never thought it was anywhere near as good as that. I kept the single all these years because of the flipside though, Siouxsie showing her Glam love with a cover of the T.Rex track which is a lot of glitter-stomping fun.

This is another b-side that was unavailable anywhere for years until the 2004 release of the Downside Up collection of Banshees’ b-sides. That seems to be out of print now so this has gone back to being rare again.

Download: 20th Century Boy – Siouxsie & The Banshees (mp3)

Cover Me

This is one of the five Roxy Music songs Bryan Ferry originally re-recorded for a solo single b-side that ended up on his 1976 album Let’s Stick Together. Like the other Roxy covers on the record it’s far more conventional than the original but I’ve always loved its suave funkiness and this was the first version of the song I knew. The band playing on it is basically Roxy Music too.

Download: Re-Make/Re-Model – Bryan Ferry

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