Something for the Weekend

I first heard this at the Lyceum soul nights I used to go to. I think Steve Walsh played it, and it was one of those very rare moments when a record literally makes you stop and think “What the fuck is this?” because I wasn’t sure what the hell I was hearing — some guys rapping/chanting over an electronic beat (Kraftwerk it turned out) — but whatever it was it sounded brilliant.

It was also the first time I saw anyone body-popping as there were two kids dancing near me like herky-jerky robots (this was before Jeffrey Daniels appeared on TOTP). When it was over I asked one of them what the record was called and he said “Planet something”, so the next day I went to my local Our Price and asked if they had some funky electronic record called “Planet something” and the man handed me the 12″ of “Planet Rock” — which I still have and it still sounds bloody amazing today.

Something for the Weekend

I must admit I often found Billy MacKenzie’s grandly operatic vocals to be a little hard on the ears but on this he sounds sublime and soulful.

It’s worth watching this clip until the end to witness the surreal sight of Stanley Unwin dancing to The Associates. Amazing what you got on children’s television in the 1980s.

Something for the Weekend

This song never fails to rouse me, even all these years later. Pete Wylie is someone you’d want next to you at the barricades.

Something for the Weekend

It’s a pity they’re miming but this is still bursting with fabulousness, not least of which is how cute PP Arnold looks.

Something for the Weekend

Thought I’d end the week how I started with some sweet soul music.

Shivers up my spine, people. Shivers up my spine.

Something for the Weekend

I’ve never bought into the whole “the only band that mattered” bollocks (who came up with that?) because The Jam mattered more to me than The Clash anyway, but they were still pretty bloody magnificent.

Something for the Weekend

Here’s another raven-haired beauty for you. Haven’t had any Bobbie Gentry here in way too long. An obvious song choice but I’d never seen this clip before and it’s just sublime.

Something for the Weekend

Pay attention, children. The Faces are going to show you the correct way to play the rock music.



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