Merry Christmas, one and all

Right, that’s my lot for the year. I’m staying home this Christmas and my new job gives me a whole week off (unlike the one day most Americans get) so hopefully I’ll be doing lots of nothing in between eating, drinking, watching football, and trying to keep the kids entertained.

So wherever you are and whatever you’re doing I hope you have a wonderful Yule. See you in – bugger me – 2014.

Here’s a lovely present you can unwrap now.

Download: Feeling Like Christmas – Margie Joseph (mp3)

Remember, remember


Happy Birthday, America

One doesn’t have to be a nationalistic, flag-waving yobbo to be proud of where you come from and I do think St. George’s Day should be a holiday in England.

Other countries get a patriotic day to celebrate who they are in their own special way: Americans eat burgers and hot dogs on the Fourth, the Irish throw up on St. Paddy’s (at least the “Irish” do here in Boston), and I’m sure the French act very Gallic on Bastille Day — though being in Paris on that day once it seemed to mostly involve having a massive rave on the banks of the Seine. So I think the English should have St. George’s Day to celebrate themselves by, er…drinking a lot of tea and colonizing a foreign country?

Or spend the day making gloomy post-punk records. We were good at that.

Download: Independence Day – Comsat Angels (mp3)

Something for the Christmas Week

Time to shut up shop for Christmas. I’m off to the in-laws for a week of sitting in a comfy chair and reading a book and hopefully not much else. Hope you and yours have good one and I’ll see you in 2013.

Download: Last Train to Christmas – April March (mp3)

Happy Birthday, America

Today I will be wearing a black armband to commemorate the sad occasion when the United States made the greatest mistake in it’s history. Besides electing George Bush twice, that is.

But I guess they’ve done alright without us. This coming October it will be 20 years since I moved to America and, despite the shortage of good sausages, this is a fine place to live. Though at the time I wasn’t planning on actually moving here for good, it just sort of happened — but that’s a story for another day.

Download: I Like America – Noel Coward (mp3)

Back to the grind

I’m back now, refreshed by the lovely air of Dorset (and the wind, the rain, the fog) but also a bit cream-crackered because of jetlag so I’m not sure what I’ll have for you this week unless you want me to bore you with my holiday snaps. Didn’t think so.

In the meantime here’s a storming tune by Elvis, the title of which is in no way indicative of how I felt in London (despite how much it changes) but I’ve loved this record for years and have always wanted to post it here.

Download: Stranger In My Own Home Town – Elvis Presley (mp3)

Homeward Bound

Off to England for a holiday tomorrow. We’re doing something a bit different this time, just spending three days in London and then heading down to Lyme Regis for a week in a cottage by the sea. Being a Londoner there are large chunks of England I’ve never been to before (I mean, why go anywhere else? I’m in London) including Dorset so I’m looking forward to it a lot, I hear it’s lovely. But do they have computers down there yet?

So I’ll be seeing you a week and a half from now. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

Download: At Home He’s A Tourist – Gang of Four (mp3)



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