Giving Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving here tomorrow so I’ll be gone the rest of the week. This is my favourite American holiday because it revolves around eating and drinking but you don’t have to buy presents for the kids. It’s like Christmas for adults!

While this year has been terrible on so many levels I am grateful to my wife and kids for filling my heart with love and giving me something to smile about every day.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

Download: Wham Bam, Thank You Mam – Small Faces (mp3)

Up The Workers

It’s Labor Day here today, the holiday when America celebrates the crushing of working people by unfettered capitalism. Or something like that.

Download: Crushed By The Wheels of Industry (Parts 1 & 2) – Heaven 17 (mp3)

Wish I Wasn’t Here

I’m back from my hols. Tanned and rested and cheesed off that I’m not still there.

Easing back into things with a sweet skanking number from 1967.

Download: On The Beach – The Paragons (mp3)

Holiday In The Sun

Speaking of summer holidays, I’m off for a week by the beach in Maine with the family. You might see me on that Twitter but there won’t be anything new here until I get back, so play among yourselves for a while.

Here’s a lovely bit of sunny pop The Zombies recorded in 1965 but amazingly never released at the time.

Download: Walking In The Sun – The Zombies (mp3)

Christmas Cheers

Right, that’s me done for the year. I’m taking the last bus out of Blogtown and heading home for the holidays. Hope you and yours have a good one and I’ll leave you with this funky gem from the classic Ze compilation A Christmas Record.

See you in the new year.

Download: Christmas On Riverside Drive – August Darnell (mp3)

Christmas Commercial Break

This is useful if you need some Xmas present ideas. Think I’ll ask Santa for a Bontempi organ this year.

Cyber Monday Madness

I hate it when Christmas becomes too commercialized. Except when I do it.


Download: I’d Like You For Christmas – Julie London (mp3)

Something for the Long Weekend

It’s Thanksgiving here so you’re getting this early. Hope it puts you in the holiday spirit.

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