The wonderful, horrible 1970s

Thanks to Simon for pointing me in the direction of the terrific Scarfolk Council blog, the humour of which will be instantly familiar to anyone (un)lucky enough to have grown up in England in the 1970s.

I’ve added it to a new link category called “English Diseases” over on the right where you will find all that is rotten, depressing, lovely, and weird in old Blighty.

Scarfolk Council may be a parody but they don’t need to stretch the truth that much when it comes to the grim weirdness of the 1970s. For example, these are the opening titles to a children’s television program from back then. This used to terrify us while we ate our fish fingers and mash at teatime.

And records like this got to number one. How we got out of that decade alive is beyond me.

Download: Mouldy Old Dough – Lieutenant Pigeon (mp3)


For those that care I would like to point out that I have added a shed-load of new links over on the right all of which come with the Chip Shop seal of approval. I’ve increased the number of listening recommendations too but that might be the only time this year there are four new records I like out at the same time.

(Yes, I do like the Lana Del Rey album and I think the backlash against her has been well over the top.)

Download: Million Dollar Man – Lana Del Rey (mp3)

Little and Large

I’m working on another blog-related project at the moment and until that’s done in a few weeks (touch wood) I won’t have a lot of time to compose much in the way of lengthy blog posts. In the meantime I’m sure you won’t mind more videos and pics like this one of the luverly Valerie Leon.

Download: Valerie – Steve Winwood (mp3)

Tag, you’re it

You may have noticed that I’ve added tags to every post now, all 384 of them going back over three years which took bloody ages but was worth it as the site now has an index of sorts (which you’ll find at the bottom of the column at right) so it will be easier to find the good stuff from back when I actually posted new and interesting writing on this blog. Some of the tags, like Pauline Murray and Phwoooaaaarrr!, should be fairly obvious, but others like Nice Lungs! and The Discount of Our Winter Tents are a little more obscure but I’m sure clever people like you can figure out the theme.

Been wanting to post this track for a while and this seems as good a place as any, some blazingly funky Hip-Hop from 1989.

Download: Know How – Young MC (mp3)

(Still) Under Construction

Remember back in the early days of the internet before everyone had a blog they built their own website at places like Geocities, Tripod, and Angelfire? But most people never did anything beyond a page full of links (usually in blue type on a purple background) so on every other page you’d see one of these:


So I’m still tweaking, moving bits left and right, but I’m nearly there so posting should resume shortly (not that I have anything new written, but that’s another story). Thank you for your patience if you’re still out there.

Download: Right Said Fred – Bernard Cribbins (mp3)

The builders are in

As you can see things are a bit of a mess here at the moment. The blog has a new address too which you should be redirected to from the old one – but if you weren’t I guess you wouldn’t be reading this.

Bear with me for a few days while I try to get things ship shape and Bristol fashion.

On The Move

For technical reasons I’m going to be moving this site to another blogging platform, most likely WordPress. I’ll be starting the process next week and hopefully I’ll be able to move everything intact and keep the same URL though the chances are there will be a cock-up or two along the way so if this place suddenly goes dark for a while you’ll know what’s going on – I’m just trying to find light bulbs that work in the new home.

Download: You’re Moving Out Today – Carole Bayer Sager (mp3)

Though Carole Bayer Sager was a well-known songwriter this was her only hit under her own name (in 1977) and I guess it qualifies as a “novelty” record as it’s rather silly but I always loved it.

Otherwise occupied

Posting is going to be a little thin over the next few weeks as I’m focusing on something else at the moment which is taking all my rather limited spare time and brain power. In addition, Blogger are making some technical changes which might mean me moving this blog somewhere else soon so I have to look into that.

I’ll still put up the odd video and photo but don’t expect much in the way of writing for a few weeks. I know you’re only here for the free music anyway, like this utter beauty. Something about The Isleys just makes me feel so damn good.

Download: Work To Do – The Isley Brothers (mp3)

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