Something for the Weekend

Kate’s voice falters a bit during this performance but I think I can forgive her as it’s otherwise wonderful (except for the video quality.)

The many faces of Kate Bush

Video artist, dancer, cook. Is there anything this girl couldn’t do?

The Trip Inside

When I was a kid I got laughs out of playing my mum’s Frank Sinatra albums at the wrong speed. Our Bush record player went up to 78rpm which made Frank sound like a demented Pinky and Perky, but it also went as slow as 16rpm (what records played at that speed?) which achieved a ghostly effect that was more spooky than funny.

Nothing like this Kate Bush video though, which slows “Wuthering Heights” down to the speed of a snail crawling through treacle and stretches it out to 36 minutes that are intensely trippy and beautifully hypnotic.

Something for the Weekend

So you can’t turn up for the Olympics’ closing ceremony but you did bloody Ask Aspel???

Something for the weekend

Lucky double bass.

Something for the weekend

Some vintage Kate Bush and The Bushwackers for you. Spot the famous faces in the audience around the 2:35 mark.

The Pictures on My Wall (Part Three)

So why is that even though I only owned two Kate Bush singles (the first two) and none of her albums did I have this great big poster of her on my bedroom wall?

Silly question really.

I assume this must have gone up around 1979-80. My walls at the time were also decorated with pictures of Pauline Murray, Siouxsie Sioux, and Debbie Harry but those were mostly torn out of magazines and the NME. I would love to have had a big poster of Ms. Murray in particular on the wall but they didn’t make those. Somehow I don’t think she would have posed in a leotard though.

Download: Brazil – Kate Bush (mp3)

(This is from the soundtrack of Terry Gilliam’s film. One of my all-time favourite songs given a lovely treatment by our Kate)

Foxy Lady

I’ve never heard Kate Bush mention the group Fox as an influence but I bet that if you’d gone into her bedroom in 1975 (and I bet you’d love to), along with the Alphonse Mucha poster on the wall and the dog-eared paperback of “Wuthering Heights” on the bookshelf, you’d find their debut album on her record player.

They’re almost forgotten now but I’ll eat my hat if the teenage Kate wasn’t a big fan of their plush, poppy psychedelia and their lead singer Noosha Fox wasn’t the virtual template for her style. Not only did she have a similar high-pitched vocal style but she also put on the same sort of wide-eyed, ethereal bohemian wispiness that was all silk dresses and theatrical hand movements. While singles like “Imagine Me, Imagine You” were jaunty, glittery pop there’s a decided Kate Bush-y vibe on their first album with ornate, spacey tracks like “Red Letter Day” which have the sort of flowery imagery (the song mentions unicorns!) and magic fairy dust that was sprinkled all over Kate’s early oeuvre. Even song title like “Patient Tigers” and “Pisces Babies” sound like something she’d write in her more purple velvet moments.

Download: Imagine Me, Imagine You – Fox (mp3)
Download: Red Letter Day – Fox (mp3)
Buy: “Fox” (album)

I can’t remember if I ever fancied Noosha but I know plenty of boys did (in reality she was an Australian folk singer named Susan Traynor). A lot of arty and quirky girl singers came along post-punk, but in 1975 she was pretty unique next to the likes of Suzi Quatro, Lynsey de Paul and Kiki Dee. But I’m pretty sure that when Kate Bush saw this on Top of The Pops she must have taken notes.

Clare Grogan and Alison Goldfrapp got a lot from her too.

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