Something for the Weekend

This popped up on one of my falls down the YouTube rabbit hole and made me realize it must be years since the lovely Clare made an appearance on this blog. This is my favourite single of theirs and the video is almost too delightful for words.

Something for the Weekend

“Lovely” is the word that comes to mind watching this.

Something for the Weekend

Corinne Drewery: Greatest smile in pop music?

Lucky Dip

When Jenny sings, I hear violins.

Download: Wild Horses – Prefab Sprout (mp3)

Something for the Weekend

Chris Stein could do with a haircut (“Get yer hair cut!”) but judging by this clip Debbie Harry looked pretty damn perfect right from the start.

What the hell, have another one on me.

The many faces of Kate Bush

Video artist, dancer, cook. Is there anything this girl couldn’t do?

Three for a girl

If Magpie was Blue Peter‘s trendy younger brother then Susan Stranks was the sexy art teacher to Valerie Singleton’s headmistress. She reminded me a lot of my Primary School art teacher Miss Paice who looked like a lanky Mary Quant and taught us how to make tie-dye t-shirts.

Something for the Weekend

Here’s another raven-haired beauty for you. Haven’t had any Bobbie Gentry here in way too long. An obvious song choice but I’d never seen this clip before and it’s just sublime.



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