New Monday

If you’re a Chromatics fan like me you would have been happy to hear they have a new album called Dear Tommy due out early next year. On top of that, band leader Johnny Jewel continues to be a very generous man by giving away lots of music for free. The past few weeks he’s been clearing out his vaults by putting up unreleased tracks, demos, and alternate takes on his Soundcloud page for download.

Most of those tracks have now been collected on two albums called Drumless and Running From The Sun which you can buy on yummy coloured vinyl at their store for the measly price of $12 each.

This song doesn’t appear to be on either though, nor on the new album, which will surprise you when you hear how good it is.

A Dum Dum Christmas

Here’s an early Christmas present from you, a terrific new holiday song from Dum Dum Girls. Even better, you can download it for free, just use the button in the little player widget below.

They recorded it as part of an Xmas compilation put together by Converse, and unusually for them it’s a synthpop tune.

New Monday

I must admit I haven’t heard much by Geordie folk group The Unthanks since their amazing 2007 album The Bairns but after hearing this new single I might have to go back and check out their other records too. Though this is based on a traditional Dorset folk song, The Unthanks merge the sound of Olde England with Jazz flourishes, particularly the cool sound of Sketches of Spain-era Miles Davis, to create something quite beautiful and new.

New Monday

Forgot to mention in my Dum Dum Girls review that the support band Ex Cops were very good too. They’re a duo who play vaguely shoegazey indie rock with pop hooks and beats, or something like that.

They opened with this terrific song which is the lead single from their second album Daggers due out later this month. Lead singer Amalie Bruun (who is Danish) was wearing that very same t-shirt too.

New Monday

PC Music are something of a “Marmite” record label, you either love or hate the high-fructose pop they put out. I’m firmly in the former camp and think their latest release “Hey QT” — a collaboration between producer AG Cook and Sophie (actually a bloke) — is one of the best pop records I’ve heard all year. It’s certainly the most insanely catchy.

But for those who find it all a bit too Pinky and Perky, this “pitched down” version might be just the thing. Either way, it’s poptastic.

Buy it here.

New Monday

Somehow Gemma Ray has put out six albums without me ever hearing of her before, but I’m so glad I have now because I think she’s terrific and always love it when I have a load of new music to get into.

The closest equivalent to Gemma I can think of is Richard Hawley and Nick Cave: atmospheric, moody songs with a twangy-guitar retro vibe. Her new album Milk For Your Motors is well worth spending your pocket money on.

New Monday

Searching around music sites for new sounds can be a bit daunting because there’s so much out there and it’s often pot luck that I find anything I like. I only clicked on this video because the song was called “Archie, Marry Me” which sounded fun and I’m really glad I did as this is terrific.

Alvvays are a Canadian band who play sunny, jingle-jangle indiepop that might not sound very original but they do it very well. Their debut album is out now and has nine tracks of similarly wonderful C-86 goodness.

New Monday

I don’t think I’ve ever featured Jenny Lewis here before and I’m not sure why because she’s one of my absolute favourites and I think one of the best songwriters around.

The former Rilo Kiley lead singer has put out two brilliant solo albums of Bobbie Gentry/Laurel Canyon-ish Country-Soul which I highly recommend and has a new one coming out in a few weeks called The Voyager. She shared the title track last week and it’s just gorgeous, can’t wait for the album (which has already won my Cover of The Year award).

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