New Monday

Trying to describe the music made by English duo Let’s Eat Grandma has me reaching for the Encyclopedia of Music Genres to list all the styles they mush together: Indie, Prog, Psychedelia, Rap, Electronica, Folk, and even School Orchestras to name a few of them. They describe it themselves as “psychedelic sludge-pop” and while their childlike gothic vibe does sound a bit like CocoRosie at times, they’re more eclectic and prone to take strange detours.

Their debut album I, Gemini has just been released and it’s one the most surprising and off-kilter records I’ve heard in a while. Even more remarkable is that it was made by two 17-year-old girls from Norwich.

Bloody kids today. Lazy, selfish, making great debut albums.

New Monday

I bought tickets to see Angel Olsen in September and this stunning teaser of a track from her upcoming new album has me quite giddy with anticipation. Hope she wears the wig.

New Friday

Can’t think of a better way to finish the week with the new single from the wonderful Roísín Murphy. After taking a eight-year break before her album Hairless Toys last year she seems to be on a roll with a new one in the works already.

Roísín directed the video herself which is one of the most amazing and creative I’ve seen for a long time. Oh baby, you are so talented.

New Thursday Afternoon

Fans of Beth Orton should find a lot to like in the music of Missouri singer-songwriter Rae Fitzgerald. Her new album Popular Songs for Wholesome Families adds electronic touches to her intimate, folky sound to make what I’ve seen described as ‘dream-folk’ (better than ‘folktronica’ I suppose).

The album is out tomorrow, self-released through her Bandcamp page (or stream it here) and it’s a really great record that deserves to be heard in the wider world.

New Thursday

HMS Morris describe themselves as a “Welsh psychedelic electro-poprock three-piece” which must be a niche with a membership of one. They’ve released several singles so far, the latest of which “Interior Design” is the title track of their debut album due for release next month.

Whatever you want to call this I think it’s great.

New Wednesday

Puro Instinct are LA sisters Piper and Skylar Kaplan who make lush synthpop that reminds me of St Etienne crossed with the night-time neon atmosphere of Chromatics.

“Tell Me” is from their terrific second album Autodrama which comes out June 24 and is full of catchy, shimmering dreampop like this.

New Tuesday Afternoon

Fabulous new single from Chip Shop favourites (and 2015 Album of The Year winners) Holychild, made in collaboration with Brit singer Kate Nash. From an EP coming out at the end of June with the curious title of America Oil Lamb which will probably end up being my summer soundtrack if it’s all as good as this.

The duo are hardly the shy, retiring types and this mental video turns their brash, upfront attitude up to 11. Absolutely poptastic.

New Tuesday

The second offering for New Music Week is this real beauty by Californian singer-songwriter Cass McCombs.

Though he’s released nine albums since 2002 I must admit I’d never heard anything by McCombs before, but checked out this track because it featured backing vocals from the amazing Angel Olsen. I’m really glad I did because this is an utterly gorgeous record, a soft and languid dream floating on the wings of crisp guitar and strings.

This is from his new album Mangy Love which comes out in August and I shall definitely be lending an ear to.

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