Picture Post

The caption for this picture says “House party — Chelsea, London UK circa 1952” but other than that I have no idea what is going on here. Just your typical arty Chelsea bohemians I guess, from the days when “bohemians” could afford to live in Chelsea.

I went to some pretty wild parties when I was at art college but I think I always managed to keep my trousers on. Well, apart from that one time…

Download: I Went To A Marvelous Party – Noel Coward (mp3)

Something for the weekend

I’m Not There

The old blogging juices aren’t flowing at all at the moment so just pretend I’m on holiday or something. Though I wouldn’t mind being on the island of Capri.

Download: A Bar On The Piccola Marina – Noel Coward (mp3)

Chin Up!

I love the bit about “cheerfulness” which seems a terribly British way of rallying the nation. This song seems more suited to our generally gloomy disposition though, I’m surprised Morrissey hasn’t covered it.

Download: There Are Bad Times Just Around The Corner – Noel Coward (mp3)

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