Something for the Weekend

When I was kid I thought these two were shagging as I’d twigged that was what the song was sort of about. Maybe they were.

No way would you get away with the line “Mix with yellow Chinky” now, but back then it was all groovy, man.

Something for the Weekend

I always thought ABBA were from Sweden but here they look like they’ve just rocketed in from Venus.

Something for the Weekend

A bit of tin foil, some tinselly wigs, and – bingo! – it’s the future, innit?

Something for the Weekend

Another record to file under “Bugger me, I’d forgotten all about this” — at least I had. Though the silly chorus gives it the whiff of the novelty one-hit wonder (which Sherbet were in the UK, huge in Australia though apparently) this is a terrific record, an almost perfect example of 70s radio pop. I can easily imagine it blasting from our little transistor radio during the summer holidays. Noel Edmonds probably loved it but don’t let that put you off.

Something for the Weekend

Watching the Grammys on Sunday night they did their usual “In Memoriam” thing about the people who’d died recently and in among Whitney Houston, Etta James, Amy Winehouse, Dobie Gray and all the others there was Andrew Gold. That was a shock because I had no idea he’d died. Why didn’t someone tell me???

I wouldn’t claim that he was some kind of musical giant or anything but this was/is one of my favourite singles of the 1970s.

Something for the Weekend

Bit of a forgotten minor classic this one. This was a one-hit wonder for Mr. Big in 1977, and though they look like poncey Californian hunks with their bare chests and flowing locks, they were actually from London.

(Apologies for my absence this week, I’ve been laid up with the flu)

Something for the Weekend

Cue camera three…and roll Supersonic.

What a poptastic record this was, killer guitar riff too.

Something for the weekend



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