Un Film de Gerry Anderson

This actually sounds better in French and goes with the romantic visuals, though Troy and Marina should probably be smoking.

Commercial Break

I’m used to the more subtle and arty suggestiveness of later Flake ads so I was shocked — shocked! — at how blatant this 1960s one is. The lascivious look in her eyes, the way she pulls back the wrapper, and then the exploding waterfall! They might as well have changed the product name to Cadbury’s Cock.

Despite what it says in the caption at the top this ad wasn’t banned, and neither was this one which is pretty hardcore chocolate porn too. The whole country went to the dogs in the 60s didn’t it?

Picture Post

I’ve not had the time or inclination for any writing (the blogger’s lament) so you’ll be getting pics all week. They won’t all be as good as this though.

Some very funky waka-waka guitar on this.

Download: Theme from ‘The New Avengers’ – Laurie Johnson (mp3)

The Apocalypse Will Be Televised

I came across this when I was researching my post on 1980s nuclear tension, the rather grim cover of the BBC listings magazine Radio Times the week they screened Threads.

I doubt if the BBC would have the balls to make a film as difficult and politically-controversial as Threads these days, and I doubt if the current, more populist version of the (once-great) Radio Times would have an image like this on its cover either — unless it was something to do with Doctor Who.

Download: War (Hide Yourself) – Frankie Goes To Hollywood (mp3)

Chicks dig swimmers

I’m teaching my son to swim at the moment. I might have to show him this very informative film from my youth so he realizes that aquatic ability is just as important as good hair and a motorbike when it comes to impressing the ladies.

Download: Ha Ha I’m Drowning – The Teardrop Explodes (mp3)

Something for the Weekend

I must admit I often found Billy MacKenzie’s grandly operatic vocals to be a little hard on the ears but on this he sounds sublime and soulful.

It’s worth watching this clip until the end to witness the surreal sight of Stanley Unwin dancing to The Associates. Amazing what you got on children’s television in the 1980s.

Commercial Break

I don’t like advertising so it takes a lot for me to grudgingly admit when they’re actually good, funny even, and this was brilliant. The Desmond Dekker one was good too.

I have no bloody idea what Richard Jobson is singing about either.

Three for a girl

If Magpie was Blue Peter‘s trendy younger brother then Susan Stranks was the sexy art teacher to Valerie Singleton’s headmistress. She reminded me a lot of my Primary School art teacher Miss Paice who looked like a lanky Mary Quant and taught us how to make tie-dye t-shirts.



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