Skinhead Sociology

Wot you talkin’ abaht, mate? I just fink it’s got a good beat.

The Wheel of Steel

Talking about having a wank, you might want some privacy while you drool over these gorgeous photos by German photographer Kai Schaefer. I do love me some analogue porn.

I love me some sweet old reggae, too.

Download: Play Me – Marcia Griffiths (mp3)

Something for the Weekend

At least they said “please” which was very nice of them.

Young, Gifted, and Black London

If you read the NME in the late 70s you’re probably familiar with the work of photographer Dennis Morris who, along with the likes of Pennie Smith and Anton Corbijn, took some of the most iconic pictures of the era — he also designed the famous tin-can packaging of Metal Box.

Morris was a black kid from Hackney which was something of a rarity in the world of pro photography at the time (being black that is, not coming from Hackney) and his personal work is collected in a new book called Growing Up Black which captures the lives of black people in London in the 1970s: the politics, the churches, the street life, and the sound systems.

It’s a bit pricey for my wallet (300 quid!) but there’s a nice gallery of photos from it here.

Download: Is It Because I’m Black? – Ken Boothe (mp3)

This is a fantastic cover of the Syl Johnson song which I think I prefer to the original, Ken Boothe’s vocal on it just kills me. From the album Darker Than Blue which is a must-have compilation if you likes the reggae music (and pretty bloody expensive now too it seems).

Hulk Not Blog

Hulk write nothing, want to listen to reggae instead.

Download: Sock It To Me – Derrek Harriott (mp3)

Something for the Weekend

Something for the Weekend

Make sure you stick around for the credits at the end.


Too busy at work to do anything here at the moment, talk amongst yourselves for while.

And enjoy this fine tune of course.

Download: Wat About Di Workin’ Claas – Linton Kwesi Johnson (mp3)



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