B-Side Beauty

This was the b-side of Roxy Music’s 1980 single “Same Old Scene” and was the first time they put out a 45 with a totally new, non-album track on the flip that wasn’t an instrumental. I think they only did it twice so it’s a rare entry in their discography.

Much as I like it when bands have original b-sides on their singles — especially ones as good as this — I wish Roxy had put this on Flesh+Blood instead, in place of the ropey cover of “In The Midnight Hour” which really blemishes an otherwise terrific album.

Download: Lover – Roxy Music (mp3)

Photo: Anjelica Huston and Manolo Blahnik by David Bailey for Vogue UK January 1974

B-Side Beauty

Roxy Music hid this gem away on the other side of the 12″ single of “Take A Chance With Me” in 1982. It’s an extended remix which takes the Avalon highlight on a 7:40 minute journey and listening to it makes me think their comeback albums would have been more interesting if they had pushed the songs in this expansive direction.

From “The Bogus Man” to “Manifesto” Roxy were always very good at long, atmospheric instrumental passages, so imagine the chill soundscapes of Avalon or the pulsing sequencers of “Same Old Scene” stretched out into more trippy, hypnotic territory. I think the results would have been terrific.

Download: The Main Thing (Dance Mix) – Roxy Music (mp3)

Photo: Showgirls in Las Vegas by Sammy Davis Jr.

Commercial Break

One look at an old photo of London will tell you the past was a dirtier place: Soot-covered buildings, smog, everyone smoking. But I never knew it was so bad that sweets came in specially reinforced, anti-dirt wrappers.

Download: Trash 2 – Roxy Music (mp3)

This was the b-side of Roxy’s 1979 comeback single “Trash” and is a mellower take on the same song. I prefer the original but I quite like the broody atmosphere of this version.

Cover Me

This is one of the five Roxy Music songs Bryan Ferry originally re-recorded for a solo single b-side that ended up on his 1976 album Let’s Stick Together. Like the other Roxy covers on the record it’s far more conventional than the original but I’ve always loved its suave funkiness and this was the first version of the song I knew. The band playing on it is basically Roxy Music too.

Download: Re-Make/Re-Model – Bryan Ferry

Something for the Weekend

Here’s another duet between and old lounge lizard and a young lady better known for her looks than her singing.

In case you’re wondering this is from the 1974 TV series Twiggs. Yes, Twiggy had her own variety show.

Something for the Weekend

Don’t think I need to say that I prefer Bryan’s version of this song to Bob Dylan’s. Not only didn’t he have both Phil Manzanera and Chris Spedding playing on his, I bet Dylan never wore leather trousers while singing it either.

Ready for her close-up again

Thought I’d do another of these posts since it was such a big hit last time. Yes, it’s a shameless ploy to get more page views.

Download: Angel Eyes (original version) – Roxy Music (mp3)

It’s Glam Oop North

There’s an exhibition on at the Tate Liverpool at the moment called Glam! The Performance of Style which looks interesting. Part of the show is a 1977 documentary called Roxette about young Roxy Music fans in Manchester getting dressed up to go see the band live. The whole movie is 30 minutes long and looks utterly fab judging by this short clip which makes me really want to see the entire thing (wish they’d used a different song though, don’t they know I posted “Beauty Queen” just last week!) I’d love to make it to Liverpool to see the show too but doubt if that’s on the cards.

Some pics from the exhibition here.

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