New-ish Monday

For such a tiny country Scotland has produced a lot of great bands, particularly of the indie kind, and Honeyblood are the latest addition to that long line. The Glaswegian duo of Stina Tweeddale and Shona McVicar play a more crunchy, alt-90s version of the classic jangly-guitar sound associated with Scottish indie bands but with plenty of the same wit and skill with catchy hooks.

I’m a bit behind the curve with them because this track came out last year along with their self-titled debut album, but better late than never because they’re terrific and so is the album. Highly recommended.

Something for the Weekend

God, this song. Still one of the greatest indiepop odes to swoony young love ever made. An essential inclusion on any mixtape you made for someone you had a crush on.

An Expat Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving here in American today. It took me years to get used to having a festive roast turkey dinner in November instead of December but now I like having the extra holiday which makes up for the fact that most Americans only get one day off for Christmas.

I will, however, never get used to the fact that they have their big holiday meal with mashed potatoes instead of roast. I love mash but I always associate it with after-school tea when I was a kid (usually with sausages or fish fingers), and it just doesn’t seem special enough to serve with a roast bird, stuffing, gravy etc. Times like this I think I will always be a stranger in this country no matter how long I live here.

Anyway, happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers. Why not give roast potatoes a try this year?

I posted this song before many years ago but it’s great enough for a repeat.

Download: Thank You – Pale Fountains (mp3)

Image: Freedom From Want by Norman Rockwell.

New Monday

Searching around music sites for new sounds can be a bit daunting because there’s so much out there and it’s often pot luck that I find anything I like. I only clicked on this video because the song was called “Archie, Marry Me” which sounded fun and I’m really glad I did as this is terrific.

Alvvays are a Canadian band who play sunny, jingle-jangle indiepop that might not sound very original but they do it very well. Their debut album is out now and has nine tracks of similarly wonderful C-86 goodness.

Something for the Weekend

I dressed a lot like Edwyn Collins back then. I had the vintage shirts, the bootlace tie, the Chelsea boots, the haircut. But somehow I never looked as cool as him.

“New” Monday

This gorgeous track originally came out in 1999 so it’s far from new, but The Clientele are reissuing their early singles collection Suburban Light on vinyl next month so I thought I’d give it and them a plug as they’re nowhere near as well known and loved as they should be, especially in their native England.

Like a lot of Clientele records, “Reflections After Jane” is like this blog in musical form: wistful, hazily nostalgic for half-remembered days, long shadows, fading sunlight, London after the rain, cafes with fogged-up windows. All that good stuff.

Lucky Dip

I don’t think this song has anything to do with the film beyond the title, but it’s one of Nick’s best choons and this is a lovely version of it.

Download: Whistle Down The Wind (acoustic version) – Nick Heyward (mp3)

Something for the Weekend

Highly appropriate that this should be directed by a man called Christopher Robin. As if last week’s Pale Fountains video was directed by a Holden Caulfield.

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