Something for the Weekend

Couldn’t decide which video to post today so I switched to default mode: Pan’s People.

This is one of my favourite 1970s singles, I just think it’s glorious. The girl’s routine is pretty great too, in their last ever appearance on TOTP as Pan’s People.

Something for the Weekend

Always loved this record and hearing her actually sing it live on TOTP makes me love it even more. And Tony was right too, this was a hit.

Something for the Long Weekend

I could have sworn I’d already posted this clip but a check of the archives revealed that I haven’t. An oversight immediately corrected!

Something for the Weekend

It might be sacrilege to say it but I’ve always preferred this version to Bill Withers’ original. Partly because it’s the first one I knew, but I also love its more expansive treatment of the song. That Jackson kid was a hell of a singer, too. Whatever happened to him?

Quite the classy routine from Pan’s People too.

Something for the Weekend

This is about the only way you can listen to a Gary Glitter song these days. At least they weren’t introduced by Jimmy Savile.

Something for the Weekend

Who needs Pan’s People when you have the massed ranks of the TOTP audience dollies to dance for you.

Something for the Weekend

Somehow I don’t think this song is about hi-jinks in a department store.

Something for the Weekend

I thought Darts were pretty great and bought their first few singles. You could always count on them to liven up Top of The Pops.



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