Something for a week day

Apologies for my absence this week. The usual reasons, you know how it is.

Something for the weekend

I have an old picture of myself in my bedroom from about this time and there are three Pretenders posters on the wall so you could say I was a big fan, of Chrissie especially who looks (and sounds) so sexy in this video I wonder now if three posters was enough, I should have plastered my whole room with her picture. Sigh.

Pop goes Bergman

In case you’ve been wondering all weekend (I doubt it) this is my favourite ABBA record, the first one that made me think they weren’t just naff Swedes with a flair for catchy pop hooks but were actually capable of real depth and sophistication. The video is probably the greatest thing they ever did too, adding an icy Euro chill to an already sad record that’s almost Bergman-esque.

Something for the weekend

Barking, bonkers, brilliance.

Something for the weekend

Mere words cannot capture the magnificence of this clip.

Something for the…

Something for the weekend

I may have to create a new tag called “Noel Edmonds is an annoying twat” but even he can’t spoil the magic of this.

Something for the weekend

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